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Dynamics Mobile IP - Introduction

Date News
Sat Oct 20 2001 Dynamics version 0.8.1 (stable) released
Sun Sep 30 2001 Dynamics version 0.8.0b1 released
Sun Sep 02 2001 Dynamics version 0.7.5 released
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Mobile IP, wireless LANs, protocol tunneling and mobility management are areas of growing interest these days. Mobile users roaming in foreign networks with their laptop - or even smaller - computers is a trend of the future. Roaming mobile users are willing to get the same services as they would get when attached to their office LAN using Ethernet and IP-protocol.

The Dynamics Mobile IP system, originally developed at Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), is a scalable, dynamical, and hierarchical Mobile IP software for Linux operating system. In addition, Dynamics mobile node is partially ported for Microsoft Windows (98SE, ME, NT4, 2000).

Current release

Stable version of Dynamics Mobile IP is now in its prototype release 0.8. Check out the updated ChangeLog. Development branch 0.9 is used in adding new features and it may contain less tested code. ChangeLog for development branch gives an overview of what has been added since the last stable release. Also check the ver 0.5 documents to find out more about the features of Dynamics Mobile IP!

We encourage you to read the information on this web site, download and install the system and become "Mobile IP enabled". Also resources for further development are welcome. If you think you have any good ideas about the development of Dynamics, or even improvements to the code, please subscribe to the mailing list and share your ideas. Logo
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